MMT 5- Tutor feedback

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Formative feedback

Student name      Samantha Gilliam ScottStudent number                   517228
Course/Unit          Mixed MediaAssignment number          5
Type of tutorialVideoCall date 16th sept 2020

Summary of tutorial discussion

Demonstration of technical and visual skills, quality of outcome, demonstration of creativity

Sam you have submitted a good body of work here. 

You seem to be drawn to two areas in your work 3d and graphics. You approach both confidently, you are able to experiment with and manipulate materials well and create interesting forms. You also draw well and can create 2d designs that have a strong visual appeal, with elements well laid out, also using text. There is a fine art approach to your work, I understand that what you produce needs to have meaning to you. I can see your own “personal voice” developing in this unit.  It is good to understand who you are as an artist/ designer at the moment, things might change as you progress and you might become more interested in one area or you might completely change direction in your approach. It is exciting to see !!

I draw to capture what I see in the samples and my style of drawing is based on this. I like to explore different styles and mediums to capture the feel and texture of a piece. I may be quite graphic when drawing my ideas out so as to communicate them clearly.-SGS

The area of colour is something you are probably not quite as interested or confident in. Looking back on your work it is mainly monotone with a bit of colour. This might be something to develop as you move onto your next module, considering colour palettes, how you can change materials with the introduction of colour ( paint/dye/layering of materials…) Also colour within colour, so shades of cream, the introduction of shine or matt colour. You could still work in a monotone way but with a variety of hues and surfaces to add interest. 

I feel I have worked with colour in this unit but the materials used, especially in MMT3 -plaster, plaster bandage, air dry clay, in my opinion for what I was trying to achieve, were best left in their natural white colour. The red text is a bold colour move against the white. I experimented with colour during MMT4 with the collograph prints and painting on glass and also with the coloured paper and cellophane from surface distortion module. I do agree that in MMT 3 and MMT 5 I have gone with a more monotone colour palette but that was a conscious choice.-SGS

You have shown energy in your work, with the different approaches you have trialed but also the techniques and scale of some of the pieces. 

Your final pieces worked well. You successfully explained the 3 figures and how the forms and use of materials changed with the different emotions the figures were feeling. You created some lovely poses and you handled the materials well. I did however feel that maybe the figures became a little over worked? I compared them to some of the very simple fresh ideas you had along the design development path, for example the red stitch floating off the page, the loose wire forms with their shadow, the simple smooth and also lycra fabric casts. Again this is something to think about moving forward with your studies, how do you create a developed piece that doesn’t seem over developed !? how do you retain a fresh and spontaneous feel to your work?  

I did like the simplicity of the wire form before the plaster was added but did not feel that just the twisted wire was a developed piece in itself. I documented these simple pieces with photos and included them in my learning log so the development of the pieces could be seen, they were not meant as ‘finished’ pieces. The shadow play of the wire on the paper was interesting and so I wanted to capture it. The development of the pieces for MMT 5 need more expression and depth to convey what I was trying to say. I still see these pieces as ‘unfinished’ and experimental as they do not have a ‘polished’ finish and there is still room for idea development. Also I wanted to combine mediums and techniques from throughout the Mixed media unit to showcase different things I had learnt.-SGS

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis – 

You continue to present your work well and reflect on your work. 

You started by looking back on all the work you had produced during Mixed Media.  You selected some interesting work and made intelligent connections between pieces. You spent quite a while doing this, making a variety of connections and reflecting on them, this is good practice. You could have taken your work in a variety of ways but you selected a couple of ideas and progressed these until you came to your desired conclusion. I think rejecting the concrete and moss was a good choice, i am not sure how much further you could have pushed this in a short time. The choice you made was a personal exploration that I found enlightening. 

I enjoyed putting all my work together and seeing the contrasts and connections between pieces. I had lots of ideas so narrowing down was a difficult task. I explored lots of ideas in my sketchbook before settling on one. I wanted something to challenge me (working with plaster) and something that had meaning to me personally.-SGS

Your research of designers is very interesting and I can see this feeds into your work. You understand how this all connects. I did suggest that you add a few images of Louise Bourgeois into your learning log. Also think about how the artists have inspired you in this project, do you feel your final outcome captured this inspiration?  

I added photos of Louise Bourgeois’s work and Antony Gormley’s to my sketchbook rather than my learning log and there are also lots of images in my Pinterest board. I do feel my final collection captured this inspiration- abstract plaster form and openness of emotion and feeling (Louise Bourgeois) and the wire human forms reminiscent of Gormley’s work.

Please hold the camera landscape when you film so we can see a spread in your book. 

Well done, I look forward to your assessment submission.

Tutor nameJenny Udale
Date16th sept 2020
Next assignment due

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