Mixed media for textiles-Formative feedback for Assignment 4

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Formative feedback

Student name      Samantha Gilliam ScottStudent number                   517228
Course/Unit          Mixed MediaAssignment number          4
Type of tutorialVideoCall date 29th June 2020

Summary of tutorial discussion

Demonstration of technical and visual skills, quality of outcome, demonstration of creativity

Again you have submitted a committed body of work here Sam.

I can see you have taken the time to fully immerse yourself in this assignment, you have understood what has been asked of you and produced a good body of work. You answer what is required of you but also take your ideas further, researching different designers and looking at other techniques that can develop your work on. Sam, you should be pleased with what you have produced, you have shown some really good experimentation of techniques, materials and processes. There is a good quality in the skill of the techniques, you have taken time to research this and improve where you can. For example the good quality press and also finding out about tetrapack.

You have presented your work well. Thank you for the video, it has really brought your work to life ! It gives me an idea of the scale of your work, the colours are clearer and I can see the texture and details on the prints. It is a real positive to show all this, well done.

The colour in your prints in the video did seem better than in the static shots, i think this was because i could see more tones and details, this breaks the colour up a bit and gives it more depth. The scooter and the landscape with the silver leaf were more successful in the video. I still feel though that on the whole your use of colour in the painting on glass and landscapes is not as sophisticated as your handle of texture and pattern within print. Working within a tonal palette worked better for you, for example the John Ross style picture and the pebbles.

I didn’t really enjoy the painting on glass. I think maybe if I tried an abstract painting it could have worked better. The brief said choose 5 images to replicate on glass so I chose 5 photos I had taken. The colours were a bit brash, I only had primary colours and black and white so had to mix my own colours so it was hard to get the correct colour. I didn’t feel this exercise was particularly successful but trying the technique was new to me so I am glad I was able to play around with it. -Sam

The development of the ladies was successful , the original line drawn prints are beautiful and the pick up from the pressure of the hand ( dappled areas) really adds to the quality of the figure. You then developed these using text and also silhouette very successfully and confidently ( for me the least successful was the painted figure in the text, the colour and techniques didn’t sit so well together ) 

Totally agree that the painted figure within the text did not work, but I felt it was worth experimenting with.– Sam

It was great to see you again looking back to past projects and bringing ideas forward in new ways. This is a sophisticated development of ideas.

The development of the pebbles also worked very well, you produced some interesting prints here. Be careful not to be too “finished” with your samples, I think you have such a free experimental style, don’t over perfect an idea.

You could have played with scale a bit more, from what I can see most of your prints are roughly the same size? The intensity of the small scale motifs repeated in the calotype was an exciting relief.

I did mainly work in A4 size for the monoprinting but the nudes were done at A5. I also had varying size plates for the collographs, A4, A5 and smaller but I agree, I could have experimented a bit more.-Sam

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis – 

You are writing well in your learning log. Your work is presented well here. 

The video worked well ( pls don’t turn the camera half way through though ! ;-))

Please add thumbnails of the artists that you also looked at, I am interested to see what you are looking at.

I have gone back and added some thumbnails of the other artists I looked at-Sam

Well done, I look forward to your next assignment.

Tutor nameJenny Udale
Date29th June 2020
Next assignment due7th sept 2020

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