Tutor feedback for MMT 3

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Formative feedback

Student name      Samantha Gilliam scottStudent number                   519691
Course/Unit          Mixed MediaAssignment number          3
Type of tutorialVideoCall date 1st may 2020

Summary of tutorial discussion

Demonstration of technical and visual skills, quality of outcome, demonstration of creativity

You have shown a very nicely presented body of work here Sam, you have worked through the exercises and techniques in a creative way. You have successfully tried a variety of ideas looking at small textured pieces to larger simpler forms. Your commitment and focus is admirable considering these difficult times, well done.

It is very good to see you draw with purpose throughout the assignment, you draw to show development, to explore your ideas and to document your work.  

Your initial clay samples show a good exploration of a variety of surfaces. The way you have presented them is very clean and clear without distraction so we can easily compare the samples . You then go on to press the surface of balls which allows us to see how the imprints work in 3D. 

You have looked back to past projects and thought how to integrate successfully your stitch work. I enjoyed your explanation of why you treated the front and back of your concrete hole sample differently in relation to the wrappings. 

You have worked through the assignments successfully but you have also looked back at your ideas to incorporate and progress in the next exercises. This shows how you can develop your ideas. For example using the cast of the seedheads to create a very sensitive latex sample. I would love to see how you would use the clay rubbings in a future exercise?

You show your thought processes well and allow yourself to experiment and play with things that have not worked to create new ideas, this is a sophisticated way of working ( stacking of the broken pieces to create new ideas) 

You filmed your samples very well, the concrete and stitched samples worked so much better in motion than static in the photographs. I really wanted to pick them and touch them as you were doing. I was interested to see how you developed these samples as mini landscapes. You embellished them without “ decorating”, you considered texture, color, and placement. It was good to see you increase the scale of these samples too. 

The white bowl was developed well, you considered the tactile qualities of the yarn and clay and how they work together to complement and enhance each other. The final one was the most successful as it was more organic than the over vessels you trialled. 

You developed 3 ideas well with quite different outcomes but they feel like they sit together as a body of work as they show sensitivity to scale, materials and textures. 

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis – 

Although the videos were very successful they were rather long, please shorten them for future assignments. 

You reflect well in your learning log and i think you are becoming much more confident in your own opinions and critique of your own work and that of other artists.

This is the link I suggested you look at from Rebecca:


Well done, I look forward to your next assignment.

Tutor nameJenny Udale
Date1st may 2020 
Next assignment due3rd july  2020

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