MMT Part Two- Joining and wrapping- Project 2 wrapping EX 2 Wrapping with materials and Threads

MMT Part Two- Joining and wrapping- Project 2 wrapping EX 2 Wrapping with materials and Threads

Brown packaging paper and string

  • Packaging paper was crumpled
  • String pulled tight around it in a grid like pattern
  • Didn’t really make the shape of the mug any more defined accept around the handle
  • I don’t think there were enough layers of paper for the string to have much effect on the texture of the paper
Brown packaging paper and string

Wadding and string

  • Wadding was very bulky, totally disguised the shape of the mug
  • I pulled the string as tight as I could to try and create areas of bulge and texture but I didn’t manage to get as much bulge as I was expecting
  • The string did define the shape of the mug better than the previous sample
Wadding and string

Wadding and fruit netting

  • Fruit net was quite fine and as I was trying to pull it around the wadding it kept tearing
  • I used string threaded through the holes of the net to gather it in around the mug creating more tension than i had managed with just the net
  • While It did create some bulging through the net holes, again, it was not as much as I expected. It did add slight texture to the wadding but what interested me was the sweeping linear pattern of the fruit net against the white. It stood out really well as a clear and defined pattern.
  • Where the string was pulled and gathered at the back, this created a flower type design with the wadding bulging out in places
Wadding and fruit netting

Wadding and nylon stocking with LED lights

  • I wrapped the wadding around the mug then stretched a nylon stocking over the wadding. I then added some LED lights on a wire. I couldn’t pull the lights too tight as they were quite delicate. I then folded over the stocking and stretched it back over the lights.
  • The stocking compacted the wadding and made it more uniform and smooth in shape and texture. The lights were not wrapped tightly enough to make much of an impression into the wadding.
  • Looked a bit like a decapitated body part due to the flesh colour of the stocking. The lights reminded me of veins under the skin while they were turned off.
  • When the lights were turned on it added a fun element to the sample, changing the look from a piece of flesh to something more cocoon like.
Wadding and nylon stocking with LED lights

Wadding, nylon stocking, LED lights and gold wire

  • Because the texture was smooth in the previous sample I wanted to add a bit more definition and texture so I wrapped gold wire tightly around the outside.
  • This changed the look and shape, the wire pulled in parts of the wrapping and in one photo I took the wrapped mug looks like a side profile of a face
  • The material bulged out in places over the wire creating a totally different look from the previous sample. Same materials used with just the addition of wire to ‘sculpt’ the sample.
Wadding, nylon stocking, LED lights and gold wire

LED lights, crochet doily and black, round elastic

  • Wrapped the lights around the mug then placed the mug on a doily. Started by pulling up 4 ‘corners’ or petal rounds of the doily by threading elastic through the crocheted holes and pulling up tight at the top of the mug.
  • Loose look with 4 folded corners, not totally wrapped
  • I then pulled up more of the rounded petal shapes using the same method, this gave a more gathered look with protruding ridges making it look a bit crown shaped.
  • I pulled up the remaining round petals and pulled the elastic really tight. The elastic enabled a greater tension to be achieved. This pulled in the ridges and greated tighter gathers around the mug.
  • I threaded the remaining elastic through the crocheted holes around the sides of the mug, pulling tight to create smaller, thinner, linear ridges.
  • The LED lights created shadows and depth and highlighted some of the coloured parts of the mug showing through the crochet doily.
LED lights, crochet doily and black, round elastic

Wadding and elastic

  • Went back to the wadding, this time with elastic as I thought I could get a better texture as the elastic would pull tighter than the string.
  • It did create more texture, but again, not as defined as I had hoped.
  • I think several layers of wadding are needed to really make definition but I only had a small piece available to me.
Wadding and elastic

Wadding, brown paper and elastic

  • I covered the wadding with brown paper to give another layer as I didnt have more  wadding. I wrapped elastic round in a cross pattern. As the elastic pulled tighter this created shallow indents that also gathered the brown paper’
  • I wrapped even more elastic round in a grid shape. This created a lot more texture and definition . The elastic pulled really tight creating bulges and tension. Reminded me of material wrapped Shibori style ready for dyeing.
  • When the elastic was removed it left a pronounced texture in the brown paper.
Wadding, brown paper and elastic

Brown paper and string

  • Went back to the simple brown paper and string to do a loose wrapping- Christo and Jeanne Claude’s wrapped trees give a sort of billowing effect
  • Paper was gathered around the mug and twisted at the top
  • String wrapped loosely around in 2 places and tied with a bow
  • Interesting shape, you wouldn’t know what was inside, no definition of what’s inside.
Brown paper and string

Tissue paper and pipe cleaners

  • Good contrast between the thin tissue paper and the fluffy, wired pipe cleaners
  • Tissue paper was folded around the mug in a sort of pleated way
  • First pipe cleaner wrapped round tore the tissue paper above the handle of the mug
  • I threaded the other 2 pipe cleaners through the handle
  • The pipe cleaners compressed the pleated tissue
Tissue paper and pipe cleaners


I feel I needed a lot more layers of material for the wrapped threads to actually indent and create new textures in the wrapping material. Even when I used elastic which I was able to pull really tight there was still not as much definition as expected.

I enjoyed playing with the doily as that is not an expected wrapping material. The crochet holes allowed me to pass the elastic through, creating different ridges and pleats. I also got lots of different shapes along the way until finally the whole doily was tightly wrapped.

I feel the LED lights added an interesting feature, creating light and shadow and highlighting areas of the wrapped materials.

The samples using the nylon stocking interested me the most. The stocking being pulled tight over the wadding created a very smooth, soft shape. When the wire was added it gave definition and texture to the sample, in one case resembling the profile of a face. This led me to researching faces and people being wrapped (lots of images of these on my pinterest board). 

I feel I could have gone on, wrapping in different patterns, less threads, more threads etc but with limited time I find it hard to cover every angle or every idea I have.

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